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  1. By karen on March 08, 2011, 21:29

    At Bankenveld House we had wonderful romantic Valentine weekends with guests during February.  Our guests have reported that the privacy and feeling of being the only guests at Bankenveld was a highlight during their visits. The back, shoulder and neck massages, done by Beryl Fourie was also a recommendable experience for our guests  We, Tienie and I, on the other hand, have enjoyed sharing our piece of 'nature' near the city of Johannesburg, with our guests.  The veggie garden and chickens have done their part in providing our guests with meals.  We had wonderful highveld weather during the evenings and dinners could be done outside, with the fires going in the garden. Tienie started baking bread - using his own leaven and fresh bread is shared with the guests during breakfast. We are thinking of doing bread baking courses over week ends with our guests.

    During the past weeks a  family of Egyptian Geese - 5 ducklings have made their appearance and have now taken 'control' of the pool. Mom and Dad have been residents for at least 6 months and their previous hatchlings did not live very long - I think the resident Cape Eagle Own and Vervet Monkeys are suspects for this lost! 

    The process to get the pool to a natural dam, is now temporary halted!  During the past week we also  discovered that our resident group of guineafowls had chicks! We can also see that we are nearing Autumn.  I have been picking pretty Sugar Bush flowers in the veld on the adjacent farm, Laurentia, during a walk with guest on Sunday 6 March 2011.

    Great news for our guests, we are busy doing a mosaic wall/sign at the entrance - Almarie and Barbara, a twin sister partnership Graphic Design Company did the design and is doing most of the work!  Thank you girls we are so impressed and happy with the work.  We even had a referreal due to your work outside on the wall!  We are waiting for extra signage on the roads directing our guests to Bankenveld House.  In the meantime, do use the GPRS directions.


  2. By admin on September 01, 2010, 20:51

    Hi there! My name is Herman, I am Karen's son. She is currently in Zambia so I am keeping an eye on the Guest house with my wife Almarie. So as today is 1 September, I thought I'd write a little something.

    It’s so exciting to see the spring coming into form, the trees are beginning to green and the sun is definitely getting hot. I especially love the smells this time of the year, the smell of new flowers. I should actually put up a photo...mmm...

  3. By karen on June 07, 2010, 14:00

    7 June 2010  We had an interesting 2 weeks here at Bankenveld House: On Monday 24 May 2010 Mogale City replied positive to our application for consent!  Soon after this news we had a visit from AA Travel to assess our establishment!  Eunice, our housekeeper and Jeanette our assistant Manager, received the assessor and it seems we did not just qualify - we really did well. Thank you to the team, you really did impress the assessor! (We will announce the endorsement as soon as we receive written confirmation from AA Quality Assured Accommodation Programme.)  On Saturday 5 June 2010 we had our first guests in Sugarbush Room and now we cannot wait to start spoiling our guests. Yes, the rooms have names! Currently we have Sugarbush and Taaibos - both plants that occur naturally in the Witwatersrand area. We also had a first time visitor to our garden - a giant Kingfisher!  We are enjoying the garden and the natural areas we are busy creating is surely making our garden come alive as part of a natural ecosystem we are trying to create.

  4. By karen on May 13, 2010, 19:33

    So glad we are online! Do hope you enjoy our website and consider to come an stay with us. Had the Vervet Monkeys driving our dachshunds crazy whilst they munch on the pecanuts in the tree in front of our house. Winter is around the corner - we are busy chopping up the gumtrees which we have harvested earlier after our continous efforts to clean the kloof in front of our property! Cannot wait to get the logs buring in the fireplace during the cold evenings to come! Hope to see you soon, Tienie and Karen Stander